Friday, October 21, 2005

Waiting for Wilma

I just chatted with an employee of mine. Her vacationing daughter is stuck in a hotel room in Cancun, while Hurricane Wilma rages in the region. Both mother and daughter are worried. With all the hurricane mayhem we have seen this year, I can understand why.

In Southwestern Ontario, where I live, weather is usually more sedate, at least in recent years. An occasional mini-tornado (compared to ones I've read about elsewhere) visits us and sometimes we get a bit more snow than I would like. Other than the facts that summers are always too short around here, the weather isn't too bad. There are worse places in the world.

I hope Wilma is kinder than her sisters have been.


  1. Has anyone else noticed that the three really bad hurricans this year have all been named after women?


  2. Yes, well, some women have fiery tempers!

    It's just one after another. Crazy!

  3. Hell hath no fury, scorned or not...

    I am beginning to understand how primitive cultures viewed the destructive force of unbridled nature as divine retibution for various misdeeds. Some people, even today, think that way.

    Makes me wonder what we're doing wrong.

  4. Too bad we can't talk Wilma into taking out Washington DC instead of Cancun...We'd all sleep a little better.
    And freer!