Friday, September 02, 2005

Who Are the Real Racists?

I am amazed at the number of people who are stating, often hysterically, that delayed help and rescue to victims of Hurricane Katrina is racially motivated. The reasoning seems to be that:
1. since response has been slow and
2. most of the victims are black,
3. it must follow that response has been slow because no-one cares about the blacks.

I often listen to various on-line talk shows while at my desk. Some of the callers to these shows are just plain nuts. That New Orleans is mostly under water seems to be lost on these folks. That armed goons are running around the city looking for trouble also escapes them. Everything that is happening, they say, is because what happens to the black community is of little or no concern to the predominantly white people who make the decisions.

The situation isn't helped by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and that unbelievable dimwit Charles B. Rangel. At least Jackson and Sharpton have some charm, they are the sort of lovable scoundrels that everyone likes until they actually parse what they have to say. Rangel, on the other hand, is just plain stupid. These guys are the real racists in America. Everything bad, they say, is the fault of the whites. Sorry, guys, I ain't buying.

What gets me is why more people aren't paying attention to the blacks who, instead of blaming whitey for everything, say that each of us is responsible for our own life and that bad decisions we make will come back and bite us in the behind. I admire Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and Walter E. Williams because they simply won't allow themselves and other blacks to be perpetual victims who have no influence or control over their own destiny. And those blacks who insist that their brothers and sisters simply can't rise above their plight-of-the-day without help, aren't they themselves racist? Are they saying that blacks are less capable than whites? It seems like that sometimes.

I don't think blacks are any less able to take care of themselves than whites are.

Both blacks and whites are in trouble in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. They all need our help and support. Let's help them and stop turning this into yet another race issue.

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  1. It's very surprising Loot-us Fake-a-con hasn't chimed in yet! Talk about a racist. His nation of Islam has been pretty quiet since the war on terrorist ragheads started, maybe because he doesn't want to be smoked out as one of them.
    We need to worry just as much about the "hate schools" in south Chicago as the ones in the Middle East.