Thursday, July 07, 2005


I can't describe to you how I feel right now. Disgust, anger and despair are the most prevalent of the competing emotions raging in me. Disgust at the sub-human creatures who just bombed London, England. Anger that such behaviour still exists in the human race. Despair that more and more efforts will be made to placate the monsters responsible by their supporters and apologists in our own governments and academia.

I am ashamed to be part of the human race.


  1. but be pleased for humanity too - for as that horror was happening, world leaders were coming together to try to address the needs of the world's poor...and billions of people banded together to support that cause just last weekend.

    It is the best of times...and the worst of times

  2. How can a religion become so perverse that it motivates the supreme sacrifice of its extremists by assuring them that Allah will reward these murderous pyschopaths when they blow up themselves, and any and all who happen to be nearby, with an eternity in paradise? Who thinks about the tremendous torment and unending destruction of innocents for the terrorist to earn that ultimate payoff? I weep for those who were destroyed by these Islamic cowards who continue to spread their satanic evil. And why are not the genuinely devout followers of the Prophet revolting against this terror in their daily lives?

  3. I was impressed with the way in which the situation was handled in London. Made me almost want to move there.

    But, the original pictures made me cry. Where before, the story was an exciting news item, now I feel for the mothers and fathers who are mourning dead children, grown or small and soon to bury them, for reasons irrelevent.

  4. Thank you, all, for helping me look at the positives. I am usually an optimistic person by nature but stupidity baffles and infuriates me. The west is bending over backwards to be conciliatory and supportive of malcontents everywhere, including the radical followers of Islam. And where has that gotten us? Let's forget about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for a moment. The terrorist attacks, contrary to what is stated by jihadists and parroted back faithfully by movie and rock stars, politicians and academics, have little to do with those wars and everything to do with fighting an essentially religious war. Many attacks, although on a smaller scale than 9/11, preceded those horrible acts and would continue even were Israel to be wiped out completely, even if the U.S. pulled out of every Arab country, even if everything desired by every fanatical Muslim were granted. Hate and bitterness rule.

    And what can we all do to protect ourselves? Virtually nothing. The government cannot protect us. The police cannot protect us.

    I don't cower through life being afraid of my shadow. I would feel a bit better, though, if I felt that at least I could protect myself and my immediate family. The chance of anything serious happening in my part of the world is small. I do, however, travel a lot. I've been in London, Paris, Hamburg and Berlin in Europe. There are a lot of Muslims there. I travel extensively in the United States The U.S. is enemy number one of the radical Muslims.

    I have nothing against Arabs or Muslims who want to live their lives as peaceably as I do mine. They want to raise their children and have enough food on the table just as I do. I just don't want those Muslim radicals with Mecca-sized chips on their shoulders to get in the way of my right to live my life as I choose.