Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Taking Five

I know how to solve all the problems of the world and everyone in it. Or, so I think. That is not a great distinction anymore. A googol of other bloggers in the blogosphere think the same. The fact that many different and mutually exclusive solutions are offered to any given problem appears not to deter or dismay any blogger.

Sometimes, some of us get tired of solving the world's problems. What do we do for relief? We read blogs where the blogger doesn't tell us how to solve all the problems of the world and everyone in it. These blogs tell us stories or diarize the lives of the bloggers. Many such blogs are boring. Some are exceptional. Thanks to a mention by Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, who herself writes a personal blog I like to visit daily, I visited the Waiter Rant blog and it linked to another blog called Clublife. Waiter Rant chronicles the adventures of a man serving tables. Clublife is all about the work life of a New York bouncer. All three of these blogs are well-written and offer a welcome diversion.

Visit them.


  1. Catching up before I go off-line (though, I'll be on, off and on, here and there). I read, even if I don't comment. :) Thanks for the mention.

    Have a GREAT summer!

  2. You're welcome! Have great summer yourself.