Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well Said...

From The Daily Reckoning:

"The world improvers are not interested in private acts of kindness or innovation that might actually make their world better. Instead, they want to remake the world, by staging great public spectacles that flatter their own amour propre. They propose a ban on world hunger - without planting a single turnip. They take up the cause of "freedom" in other countries - and force the liquor store next door to close on Sunday. They insist so strongly on better treatment for women in the Islamic world, they forget to kiss their wives. Like Alexander the Great, they stare out the window at the big, wide world and wonder how they can make it more appealing, while their closest friends drop dead unnoticed."

How true. My question, naturally, is: Why are there 'world improvers' in the first place. If everyone truly intent on improving the world would instead improve himself and cease to meddle in the affairs of everyone else, the world would be improved quicker, more equitably, and no-one would have to pull a gun to enforce the improvements.

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  1. Right on the money. Sure beats do unto others before they do unto you.