Thursday, June 10, 2004

An Evening Out

The Moody Blues were in town yesterday. Naturally, I had to see them. I saw them in concert once before, in 1992. My son was just a few months old at that time and my wife and I went on our own.

By 1994 or so, my son was zipping around the house as quickly as his little legs or a little plastic scooter we had given him would allow. My wife would have a satellite music channel playing on TV, pretty much all day long. The Moody Blues had released a concert video, filmed at Red Rock, Colorado and several tracks from the video rotated on the channel throughout the day. Whenever my son would hear the opening chords of a Moodies song, he would stop whatever he was doing, race to the family room, and stand transfixed until the song was over.

It stood to reason that I had to take him to a Moodies concert someday. Now, at age eleven, he finally attended one with his mother and me. Did he like it? I think so. He made a bit of a show of being bored by it all, but then it's uncool to get too excited about anything when you are an eleven-year-old boy.

The Moodies are getting old. John Lodge can barely stay on key. Ray Thomas was absent. He must have retired. I must have missed the announcement. Still, the music brought back memories and overall it was a fun evening.

Now, I have to find a Pink Floyd concert to take my son to. He loves their music too and if they should ever tour again, we'll be there.

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