Monday, July 28, 2008

A Short Story

Larry, Curly and Moe went to Panama. Oops, wrong Three Stooges. OK, Herb, Wilf and Sieg went to Panama. There was much buffoonery, but surprisingly some actual business was transacted. Then Kent arrived. Hilarity abounded. Sides ached. Many good meals were eaten and a bottle of wine or two were consumed.

Soon the trip was over. Goodbyes were said. Everyone went home. The end.

There was, of course, much more. But you are going to have to check back in coming days to find out what really happened.


  1. uh huh. And, this would be called a... teaser? :-)

    The Orange Winged Amazons are beautiful!

  2. The birds are beautiful and mischievous. Several toucans rounded out the menagerie at the Villa Marita where we stayed. One day, I heard a whoosh beside me as I was typing away at a computer and I looked up to see a toucan perched on the back of a chair right next to me.