Monday, December 10, 2007

Why? Why not?

In his article, Why I Support Ron Paul, American venture capitalist Lawrence W. Lepard explains why he paid for this full page ad in USA Today. Both the article and the ad make worthwhile reading. Americans have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something dramatic, an opportunity to commit to excellence, to exhibit common sense, to take a stand for liberty and responsibility. I wonder how many Americans will take that opportunity.

We'll see, soon enough.

There is another big fund-raising event for Ron Paul, on December 16th. Break open those piggy banks. Send money. Help break another fund-raising record.



  1. I may well break with tradition and send Paul a few bucks...If he doesn't win, he'll need it for traveling money.

    We'll ALL need traveling money in that sad event!

  2. Amen to that, Galt. Maybe I should publisize our development in Panama as a Galt's Gulch. A bunch of libertarians and other freedom lovers are already 'on board.'

  3. I can see the attraction to Ron Paul and his message. I think the things he wants are good. My problem is that I worry when so many people start jumping on a bandwagon. Almost as if many Democrats see this as a way to get someone they like into office because they don't think their own can get elected.

    I saw that advertisement with that girl... saying "just this once", register as a Republican to vote for Ron. That definitely sounds like manipulation. It seems to me that Ron would actually be quite popular if he was a Democrat.

    What would be truly interesting, though, is if the election came down to Ron vs Hillary. I'll be watching the results anxiously to see what happens!

    My name is Andrew, and I approve this message.

  4. Trooper: We live in an era of the Cult of the Personality. We look for 'leaders' instead of leading ourselves. Someone charismatic and oratorically gifted can sway the masses, regardless of whether he or she has any qualifications or the underlying good character to do the job. Ron Paul wants rule of law, not endlessly re-interpreted and 'humanized' guidelines, which is what is happening today. He wants each of us to mind our own business. He wants to get government out of our pockets and out of our lives, at least as much as is feasible. Good for him.

  5. I so hope he will do well but I am already seeing a media ramp up of 'mind slide' propaganda aimed in his direction. It's a low and vile process but long proven to be very effective. Are there enough independent thinkers out there to break away from the Ford or Chevy bias of their ancestors to accept a new and better option? Ah-hah-hah-hah - okay, fine, I admit it, call me a skeptic.