Monday, December 31, 2007


From Motherpie comes this excellent list challenge called 'Still.' I've filled out my list; how would you answer your 'stills'?

I am . . .

Still Loving: My family and my job.

Still Not: Retiring.

Still Glad: That I'm not a teacher, as so many of my friends have been and my wife still is.

Still Enjoying: Writing and traveling and playing guitar.

Still Doing: Shaking my head daily at every new bit of evidence that the human race is seriously screwed up.

Still Proud: Of the fact that I am relatively sane after having lived (to put it mildly) an 'interesting' life; relatively intact after having been thrown from and kicked by various horses; and still possessed of a sense of humour so I can laugh at life's challenges.

Still Amazed: at 2007's Challenges: Getting a residential development off the ground in the Republic of Panama without tearing out the few remaining (and greying) hairs on my head.

Still Hoping: That against all odds, the world will turn again to individual responsibility and away from statism in all its horrible variants.

Still Enjoying: My daily morning ritual of coffee and a raisin tea biscuit, reading the news and checking precious metals prices on my computer.

Still Grateful: That I realized that becoming a Professor of Philosophy would have been incredibly boring for me and thus going into business for myself instead.

Still Wanting: A Mercedes Benz SUV.

Still Trying: To understand human nature and its foibles.

Still Failing: To understand human nature and its foibles.

Still Passionate About: Life.

Still Taking up new things: Roca Milagro and more to come.

Still Dating: Chrystyna, the woman I married.

Still Not: Happy about paying much more than any reasonable amount in taxes.

Still Working: To achieve a healthy balance between raising my teenage son to be prepared for life and still letting him have some fun along the way.

Still Reading: Everything I can, but somehow never enough.

Still Thinking: That I will not have done enough by the time I die.

Still Wondering: Why the human race never appears to learn from the past.

Still Dressing: Myself, thank goodness.

Still To Do: Visit more parts of the world, help more people become self-sufficient, learn to sit patiently at a stoplight.

Still Cherishing: The freedoms we still have in Canada.

Still Will Never: Stop trying to understand women.

Still Will Aways: Enjoy every moment I have left on this earth.

Still, Still: Puzzled by so many things.


  1. I'm still glad you are enjoying every moment and still trying to find balance in raising your on, still passionate and still reading!

    Finding balance with raising children. Is that not the crux of it, really? I mean the real absolute crux of it? I think a good parent never thinks the balance has been achieved.

    New Year Cheers, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Motherpie. Yes, I agree that raising children is probably the most important thing we do, and possibly the toughest too. Happy 2008!

  3. Wait. You haven't figured out women yet? I was sure that you had! I love the "individual responsibility" answer; it's a course I'm trying to teach to my third graders for starters. I liked reading your responses.

  4. Bellezza: Every time I think I know everything about women, something happens to keep me humble.

    Maybe I'm a slow learner.