Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Kahlua a Cure-all?

Freddie, at Warts & All, slept in today. So did I. I was wide awake at 6:40am, waiting to get out of bed at my usual time of 7:00am. But I wasn't comfortable, just lying there. My neck was bent at an uncomfortable angle. I rearranged myself and then suddenly it was 7:20am. I had fallen back asleep. I had to get my son up so he could have his breakfast and get ready so I could drive him to school by the 8:00am bell. More and more, I ask myself why in the world I am living in this cold and unwelcome climate, at least during the winter. I love the other seasons, spring, summer and fall, in Canada, but the winters are no fun.

I spoke to one of my Panamanian partners and he said how nice it would be if I actually lived there and how much easier it would be to get things done. True. But I have a son in high school and a wife who doesn't like hot, humid weather. And, being the good daddy and husband that I am, I don't just jump on a plane to Panama at any pretext, just to get away from the cold, the snow, and the inevitable headaches of winter.

That's not really much to complain about, is it? In reading about all the nonsense that goes on around our globe, what is a little snow and a little cold weather by comparison? Nothing!

Cold? Turn up the furnace. Wet and slushy? Wear boots. Don't want to get out of bed? No problem. Who's going to fire me? There is, of course, the matter of my son getting to school, though. Maybe I should make him walk every morning, as I did, rain or shine. No, I can't do that. I am a strict and demanding father, but there are some things I can't do. I remember having to get up early every morning and then trudging at least a mile to get to school every morning. Blizzards, pouring rain, nothing deterred us as students in the fifties and sixties. We did what we had to do. I did it, but didn't like it. In this one thing, I am a softy. So... no having to trudge through blizzards for my son. I'll get up and drive him. And usually, we won't be as rushed as we were this morning.

Winter isn't even officially here and the problems with snow plows have already begun here where I live. Nearly half of the boulevard between the sidewalk and the in front of my home is no more. The sod that used to cover the area is in a large pile measuring about two cubic yards. The plow driver chewed up the area with the blade of his machine and as my neighbour, who watched the incident, tried to wave him down, the fellow just carried merrily along. Not his problem. A number of phone calls and emails later, we have an assurance from City Hall that this will be taken care of in the spring. By then, who knows what will actually happen? And what about tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month? Will the plow driver actually stay on the road where he belongs? Who knows. Let's hope so.

Someone brought in coffee for everyone in the office and a bottle of Kahlua. That combination, steaming hot in a nice heavy mug seems pretty inviting right now.

How's your day?


  1. If I could have had kahlua in my coffee at work, the day would have been a breeze. Probably would not have accomplished much, but it would have been a hoot!

  2. Cold weather is the place to be for hard working people like yourself. That's where I came from, and now I'm in "tropical" BC where people whine about the rain, and live comes to a standstill for a few inches of snow. Sadly, we do get some cold weather, but few people prepare for the few days we get.

    My day's going alright. Subway for breakfast, and a tea from Starbucks after a quick trip into work via transit. Things are looking good.

    Your office sounds like a very friendly place!

  3. Jean: There's some Kahlua left in the bottle... come on over! I'm sure we would have a lively and interesting conversation.

    Trooper: The pace appears to get slower and slower as temperatures go up in warmer climates. I like a quicker pace myself, but I have no problem relaxing when I am on vacation or even when away from the office.

    Yes, it is friendly here. I am so lucky to have a wonderful bunch of people working for me. I enjoy every day.

  4. Ah, yes, I remember having to walk to school through blizzards and downpours. As I remember, it was five and half miles. Uphill both ways. With holes in the soles of my shoes. And a short sleeved shirt. A baseball cap I had stolen from a more fortunate kid. Only one glove and four of the fingers had holes in them. And I only had eaten two dry crusts of bread, because we didn't have any other food. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
    I'm going to go have a Kahlua. Or two. Or more.
    Keep smiling.

  5. That day would've been a lot better for me, had someone brought in some Kahlua!

    (And I thank you for the nod, Seig.)

  6. Not a cure-all to be sure, but mixed with cream and vodka, it's a Caucasian for celebration!
    Lucky pup!

  7. I hope it's Irish Cream next time!