Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer's gone again

I'm afraid I have been neglecting my blogging. Bad, bad, me. I still try to read the posts of others on my blogroll but have been unable to do much posting myself. Soon, I will post again. Right now, I'm trying get caught up.

Next week, I will be doing a presentation at our local college. A class at the school has been assigned to do a mock advertising/marketing program for one of my companies and I am curious to see what they come up with.

Our Roca Milagro project in Panama is coming along, and we're getting ever closer to being able to drop bulldozer blades and start grading roads on the site. Our target is to be able to do this in late December or early January. That's if the bureaucrats and innumerable holidays don't get in the way of us making further headway. It seems like every second day is a holiday there, in Panama.

It's getting colder here in Ontario. The days are getting shorter. To me, at this time of year, everything takes on a sense of urgency, as if somehow the colder weather and the decreased sunlight has to be compensated for with increased productivity. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either.

And so it goes. Next week will come the official start of fall. I may shed a tear or two at that time. Would you care to join me and we can cry into our beer together?


  1. Our summer has been unusually cool, with maybe one or two weeks of decent weather. Our tomatos have still to really produce their main crop.

    Since Monday, the weather has been sunny and hot. Very enjoyable, and the tomatos are finally going somewhere.

    When winter comes along, you'll get snow, and we'll get bad drivers.

  2. We have snow AND bad drivers, Trooper. At least you have a summer long enough to be able to count to 100 before the leaves all come crashing down in twenty minutes one Saturday morning.

    Is my frustration showing? Sorry.

  3. We're getting colder here too. Yes. Soon I'll join you in mourning summer again.

  4. Though beer would not be my drink of choice I would certainly join you in mourning summers passing. I love snow for about one week. Perfectly it would be Christmas week, period.......

  5. One week of snow would be just about perfect! Beer is not my drink of choice either. I'll bring whatever you ask for. Hot toddy? Hot cider?

  6. Wow - fall starts next week? Great! Maybe our temps will stop topping out in the 90s, for a change! :)

  7. I miss the long days, but Fall is my favorite season.

    Maybe a cabernet for tipping?

  8. If it were to stop at the fall season, I could live with that. In fact, I would probably like it just fine. It's winter that really bugs me.

  9. The best part of Fall is that Winter's not far behind. I know, you're not a diamond in the snow fan, but to me it's the best.

    I am with you on the lagging behind in posting, though. It's hard to start a school year and still find something meaningful to say at the end of the 14 hour day.

  10. I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather ahead.
    If this autumn runs the course of the last, we'll have crisp, dry, cool days and evenings intersperced with non-stick snow up until Christmas or New Year's...THEN LOOK OUT!!!
    Of all the seasons, I love "football" the most:)