Monday, April 30, 2007

A Tax Rant

It's April 30, tax day in Canada. Some of us will get refunds, others will have to cough up more money for our ravenous government, often courtesy of the local loan shark or his kissing cousins the banks and other lending institutions.

I haven't done my own tax returns for over three decades. I had someone else do them even when I couldn't really afford his services. Every year at this time I would find myself in a state of fury over our graduated or 'progressive' tax system, so I passed the tax preparation chore on to the accountant who continues to perform that service for me to this day. Out of sight, out of mind, right? At least until I have to sign a cheque to pay those thieving bastards in Ottawa. Income tax has to be the most unfair system of taxation on the globe, at least the graduated systems where 'the rich' pay far higher percentages of their income than their 'poor' cousins. What a bullshit system this is.

I'm a tit for tat sort of guy. What, exactly, do I get for the income taxes that I pay? Do I get more services than the person who pays less income tax than I, or even no income tax at all? Nope. Do I get fewer services than those who pay much more in income tax than I? Nope.

So, what is fair about it?


And that is why I no longer prepare my own income tax forms. I can't stand the idea of it, the unfairness of it, the fact that so many people let our political masters put the screws to us.

Wouldn't a flat tax of, say 18% or so, be fairer? Everyone would pay: no exemptions, no exceptions. At that rate, I believe the tax would be revenue neutral, or close to it. Better yet, if the calculated cost of federal 'services' per person worked out to be 'x' dollars, wouldn't it be fairest if everyone paid 'x' dollars? And if few people could afford to pay that amount, wouldn't it make sense to reduce costs of government until everyone could afford to pay his or her true share? Yes, it would make sense, but that is precisely why it will never happen. There are too many slugs out there who think it is the duty of every productive person to carry as many leaches and deadbeats on his shoulders as possible, until he collapses from the load and some other unfortunate sucker takes his place.

Tax day.

I hate it.

It's a damn good thing that the next one is 365 days away.


  1. I'm getting a refund.

    But, until such time as my income is enough that I shall be writing a check out instead (another three years or so), thank-you for your contribution, Atavist. Sincerely.

    Some of us do acknowledge and appreciate it.

  2. I've always felt that a flat tax was a good idea. It might empty some very over stuffed pockets in government.

  3. The good news is, I'm due a refund.
    The bad news is, I screwed up the paperwork, and it may be a chore getting everything right.
    I'm sooooooo sick of this bullshit, especially since all the legitimate, constitutional functions of Government could be paid for with an 8.33% Value-Added Tax, but then all those pull-peddling lawyers and bureaucrats and the looters and moochers sucking off the system via them would have to get real jobs and work for a living!

  4. My husband is much like you...hand over the paperwork to the accountant in hopes of forgetting the fact that he is handing over half of his wages to the damn government.

    However, it seldom works like that. It's hard to forget something like that when you work hard for your money and you have to fork over almost half while others don't work near as hard and don't contribute half as much.


    Run for office. You'd be surprised how many would vote for you!