Friday, March 02, 2007

Trudging along

It's another dreary day in our part of Ontario, Canada. Many schools are closed again today, as they were yesterday, because of freezing rain and dangerous road conditions. I am safe and secure in my office. I tried again today to finish a blog post I have started to write in answer to a question posed by Jen in the comments of my last post. I'm not getting anywhere. I keep getting interrupted, so I am giving up for today. Maybe on Monday or Tuesday I will be able to finish the post in question.

Today, I am just going to deal with the stuff that keeps accumulating on my desk. I'm going to be grateful for ice-scrapers, central heating and, of course, coffee and the other things that keep me warm and comfortable. At home, my wife is grateful that she didn't have to teach school yesterday and that she gets a day off again today.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. I am a patient woman, my friend. you just take care of the many things on your plate.

  2. We've had two snow days this winter, which means school will let out June 11. Remember how I said I love Winter? It's still true, but I am starting to feel like I live in Siberia...and it's March!

  3. Thanks, Jen! Bellezza, does that mean that they tack missed days on to the end of the school year? They don't do that here. But our school year always finishes at the end of June.

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