Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Juggling and other diversions

One of the things any entrepreneur needs to do is juggle. There are a lot of things to be done, and never enough time to do them, so entrepreneurs often do things in bits and pieces, several at a time. Sort of like a mother, right? Moms can juggle numerous tasks simultaneously, and still usually make it through the day more or less intact.

I typically have a lot more free time to goof around in, but now have a number of projects on the go that are somewhat time intensive. I'm thinking of soliciting tips from moms out there who might volunteer information on how to keep everything 'in the air.'

Just kidding. I'm mostly on top of things. I even had a few moments today and yesterday to read some posts by people in my blog roll. Everyone has been so serious for the past few days, so I thought I would lighten things up by being less serious. There are some who would say that being silly is my natural state, and I will admit that there is some truth to that perception. I tend to see humour everywhere, even in stressful or quite dreadful situations, and occasionally (my son would say, always) don't act my age. It helps me cope with things. Not everyone can, or should be, a worrier. Some people worry enough for all of the rest of us.

There is a lot in the world to worry about, I suppose, but agonizing over everything won't change anything. So, the best thing appears to be to do what we can and trust everyone else to do the same. So... what to do today? No serious post from me today. Instead, I'm off to read some other blog posts and maybe even enjoy a joke or two.


  1. Ok so you totally cracked me up over at Thailand Gal's place.


    How do you resonate with living in the moment? And to what extent is that truly possible?

  2. Yes, you did crack us all up at Thailand Gal's place. LOL


    I am absolutely horrible at that. Currently, I'm selling a car ~ and took the sign down after two hours of having people show up at the door and interrupt my ordinarily very peaceful pace of functioning.

    Juggling is not what I want to do ~ ever. That is why I have absolutely no useful suggestions! LOL



  3. I do try to live in the moment, Jen, but I also love to plan, to dream, to wonder 'what if,' and generally to look ahead. It is difficult to do all this, of course, while simultaneously pondering the subject of depilation, especially in the context of Thailand Gal's post on her blog. That got me thinking, and thinking, and I still haven't stopped. !)

    Chani, you have a mischievous streak under that calm facade!