Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why Panama?

I write posts about Panama on occasion. I love the place, as regular readers know, and I have business interests there. One day I will have a part-time residence there, in our Roca Milagro development in Rovira Arriba, near Boquete.

What is the attraction of Panama? I've never written a long, detailed analysis as to why anyone with a spirit of adventure should at least explore the place, after all there are numerous websites and blogs out there that already do that job admirably.

One of the things I like about the country is its diversity. It is a third-world country in some ways, especially when you are far off the beaten track and you see how the people live who have not yet been affected by the economic boom in the more populated parts of the country. When you are in Panama City, it is a bustling, modern city with every amenity you can imagine -- great restaurants, hotels, interesting things to see and do.

One of Panama's most appealing features is the exuberance of its people. To outsiders, it seems that the locals will use any excuse for a parade or celebration. There is always something going on: loud, colourful and joyous. It is infectious. Life should be a celebration and there is much to celebrate in Panama.

I have come across several interesting blogs about life in Panama, particularly the Chiriqui province where the famous town of Boquete is located, as well as the larger city, David. If you are interested in reading about and seeing lots of photographs of the area from the point of view of outsiders who have moved or visited there, have a look:


  1. Wow.

    How is it that those rocks are so tangerine? Are they that color by nature or is the sun rising behind you?


  2. There was a bit of afternoon backlighting in this shot, but mostly the rocks in that local have sort of a light-coppery hue. There are a lot of rocks in Panama generally, of every colour and description, seemingly. The only thing there is more of, is water. There are rivers and streams and creeks and lakes and ponds and waterfalls everywhere. It is quite remarkable.

  3. ahhh...we were deciding between Panama and El Salvador for our winter trek - and picked the latter, but now you make me wish we went with the former.

  4. Thank you for linking to my photos.
    Muchas Gracias
    - Dixon

  5. Jen: There's always next year, right? If you do head out to Panama some day, let me know and I'll make some recommendations and observations that might help you enjoy your visit more.

    Dixon: My pleasure. Great stuff on your site and I enjoyed visiting!

  6. Muchas gracias for including my humble site in your list.

  7. You're welcome, Don Ray. I try to drop in at Chiriqui Chatter every day. I enjoy your comments about Panama and the photographs which, as the saying goes, are worth a thousand words.