Monday, August 28, 2006

Too Close for Comfort

What cartoon are you?

Family guy

Personality Test Results

'They' know too much about me. I took a 'What Cartoon are You' quiz (click on picture, above) and this is what I got: Family Guy! Did they nail it or what? A goofy, clueless father, that's me. Ask my son.

Special Dad, indeed! The irony of it all is that my son and I watch Family Guy almost every evening, as part of our 'quality time' together. Yeah, I know, we could be discussing politics, religion, philosophy and women instead. We do, actually, right after Family Guy airs.

There are all kinds of things with which to provide content for a blog post when you don't have the time to write anything interesting. Thank goodness for that! This is moving week for us and things are crazy. I'll be glad when we are in our new home and I can put my feet up. I'm counting the days, hours, minutes. . .


  1. I am futurerama.. don't know a thing about it.

  2. Of course, I came up Family Guy too. Or, would that make me Family Girl? Either way, I hate the pieces of the show I've heard my son repeat. Except for, "Hey, my cereal is sending me a message. It's saying "ooooooh."

    "Dad, those are Cheerios."

  3. Futurama is a show produced by Groening and crew of Simpsons fame.

    Faily Guy can be as inane as shows like this generally are, but there are a lot of jokes in the episodes that would tend to slip by or go over the heads of most of the population. And my son and I both love the Stewie character.

    How about this as my way to explain the popularity of the show: The show is almost always sophomoric but seldom soporific.