Thursday, May 11, 2006

Maybe Next Time

I'm looking forward to my Panama trip next week, but am disappointed that my son won't be joining me. I had promised to take him along, but it just doesn't make sense to do so this time. He would be the only kid among a bunch of adults, and would be bored stiff. I'm going there with my American partner and his wife, and some investors I have never met. We will inspect the property we hope to turn into a residential community in the Boquete area. We will be very busy during the day. Evenings will likely be spent over dinner and drinks, getting to know each other. So, no son this time.

He wanted to go so he could skip school for a week or more. I wanted him to go so he could experience another life lesson or two. Our kids have very little knowledge of what it is like in other countries, and how hard it can be to make a living and to have a decent lifestyle. Panama is an interesting example in that respect, because although it is booming economically, there are still many poor and unemployed people. Nowhere in Panama, though, did I see the children hustling or begging for money, the way we have grown to expect in Mexico and much of the Caribbean. Panamanians appear to be industrious when they can be, and happy when things might be less than perfect.

Of course, if things appear to be less than perfect to us, they might not appear to be so from a Panamanian's perspective. Things are different there. And they are different from us too, in some ways. That is what makes it all fun. I enjoy getting to know people in other countries, to find out how they live, to learn about their culture, and to sample their food.

Boquete, shown in the picture above, is a beautiful little town. On my last trip, I explored mostly the area to the south-east of Boquete. This time, we will spend more time in the area slightly south-west, where the land that we hope to purchase is situated. Maybe we'll even get a chance to check out the coastal area, or even Volcan Baru.

Sorry, son. Maybe next time, when we can enjoy our time together. I would like that.


  1. Enjoy Panama for me, at least it's warm there.
    All of Al "Gump"'s propagandocumentary must only be in effect outside Indiana, as we are freezing our duffs off here in the drizzle while the mercury struggles to make it to 50.
    want my damn global warming!

  2. Oops, dropped the "I" on that last line.

  3. That looks beautiful! It's not much fun to be seperated from your child, is it. I don't find it very comfortable. Try to have a good time, anyway. Looking forward to some more pictures!

  4. Thanks!! I hope to be posting from there, if I can find reliabled internet service.