Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good Stuff, Neutral Stuff, Bad Stuff

I'm back at my desk, wading through stuff. Lots of stuff. Good stuff and neutral stuff. Thankfully, no bad stuff.

The worst part of travelling is the catching up you have to do when you get back. Oh, and the long waits in the airports. And the intellectually gifted (do you detect a hint of sarcasm?) people-herders and security people at the American airports. And the narrow seats in the airplanes.

But it's usually all worth it.

I got off the plane last night, breezed through Canadian customs, got out to the exit and in line at an airport limo stop, and waited for a ride to where I had left my car. A fortyish blonde dashed in front of me, and then to the front of the line. Everyone in the line, polite Canadians all, watched and did nothing. I thought it was a bit cheeky of her to do that, but it didn't even occur to me that she might actually try to hog the first limousine. She did, though. I would normally have given her the elder statesman type of lecture that guys my age can often get away with, but I was still very mellow from my Panamanian trip and couldn't be bothered.

Why do some people think that they can do this sort of thing. Do they not consider anything outside their own little sphere of life? Is nothing or no-one else important enough to consider? Beats me. I don't understand it.


  1. This is going to sound very strange coming from a curmudgeon like myself, but it sounds like you had a close encounter of the third kind with an American Feminist, and were very wise in not reproving "her", .
    These strange creatures MIGHT accept correction from their own species, but any male human being is advised to steer clear for his own safety, lest he be loudly and shrilly labeled a "sexist", "mysogynist" (whatever the hell that's supposed to be) or any number of other blame-shifting, PC, responsibility-avoidance terms commonly used by a member of one of our protected subcultures to pin all their personal failings on white, european-decended men of any hue of Protestantism.

    People used to be ashamed of being rude or wrong. Now, they're arrogant about it!

  2. You could well be right, galt-in-the-box. On the other hand, maybe the woman is simply a self-centred and ill-mannered bitch. People with deep-seated inferiority complexes can act that way. Bluster over substance, that sort of thing. In any event, I hope that that fabled pendulum starts swinging the other way soon because if it doesn't, whatever civility is still left in our society will have disappeared completely.