Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Momentary Diversion

Via a link from the Your Philosophy Sucks blog, I discovered the answer to the question:

Which Heinlein Book Should You Have Been A Character In?

You belong in The Man Who Sold The Moon. You are a dreamer. People don't understand you your calling, and often get in your way. Frontiers call to you, and you will breathe your last breath as you gaze back from a distant horizon.

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Not bad! I loved 'The Man Who Sold the Moon' and can easily see myself as a character in it. Of course, anyone who knows anything about me knows that I'm really a child of Robert A. Heinlein characters Lazarus Long and Dora Brandon.


  1. Me:
    You belong in Farnham's Freehold. You are a survivor, ready for anything. You can keep a cool head, even in a world where hatred and bigotry are commonplace.

    Sounds good.. but, I have no idea.. haven't read any.. but, maybe now I will. :)

  2. That does sound like you, Penny. Heinlein was one of my all-time favourite authors. He died in about 1988, I think, but wrote a lot of books, starting in the 1930's with novels for juveniles. His characters were always interesting. He valued self-reliance, honour, responsibility. His females were sexy, horny, but strong and independent.

    For a Heinlein neophyte, I would recommend a smaller novel of his todip your toes, perhaps something like 'The Cat Who Walked Through Walls,' or my favourite shorter novel 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.'

    If you get hooked, go on to something like 'Stranger in a Strange Land,' a book that was practically required reading as a rite of passage when I was in university.

    Want to see Heinlein at a glance? Type 'Lazarus Long Quotes' into Google and read Heinlein via one of his most famous characters. Or jest type in 'Heinlein' and spend days reading all the articles.

  3. BTW, sorry about the typos. I must not have ingested enough caffeine this morning.

  4. Thank-you I will pick some of those up! His female characters sound very familiar.