Monday, December 05, 2005

An Opportunity to Clean House

Let's think about this for just a moment: Is Canada's Liberal government corrupt, dishonest and inefficient or not? Remember the Adscam Scandal leading to the Gomery Enquiry and the very expensive and useless Gun Registry project? Those two situations alone should have Canadians screaming for a change of government. Besides, the Liberals have been in power since 1993 and it really is time for some fresh blood in parliament.

This is Canada, though. Yes, it may well be time for a change, but there is a very real possibility that we aren't going to get one. Why not? Because Canada loves its Liberals, seemingly no matter what they do. I don't understand it.

When Canadians go to the polls on January 23, 2006, I want those Liberal rascals thrown out of office for a long, long time. Every single one of them. So, if there is a Libertarian Party of Canada candidate in your riding, why not give him or her a chance? Failing that choice, how about a Freedom Party candidate? No? OK, third choice would be a candidate of the Conservative Party of Canada. They are mostly a decent bunch and are less likely to rob you blind than yet another Liberal gang in Ottawa.

Sadly, I fear that the Liberals will still be around after the election. Some odds-makers feel the same, at least at the time of this post. I'm not a betting man myself; being an entrepreneur offers opportunities enough to get fleeced, especially at the hands of the tax man. No, I won't place any bets myself. After all, wondering what indignities the Liberals will foist on us all next, after winning yet another election, is excitement enough for me.

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  1. The odds-makers seem to favor the fall of the liberals...What a shame that'd be *ahem*.
    I do wish we had something like the vote of no confidence here in the States. It would be an excellent chance to get rid of airheads like pseudo-Conservative Bush.
    Just because some politrickster says they are all about freedom doesn't mean they really are. The proof is in what they do once elected.