Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pedasi, Panama

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I’m in Pedasi, Panama tonight. At least I think I am. It’s hard to tell which town you are in sometimes because of a paucity of road signs. It doesn’t matter. I am mellow. I am staying in a $14.00 room tonight. I spent the last several hours speaking with a chap named Reinhold from New York City. He renovates old industrial spaces into lofts for Yuppies. I also met a couple from London, England who came to Panama because it was the only place they hadn’t been in Central and South America. Delightful people, all.

The Panamanian people are delightful too. They are very friendly, open and accommodating. I chatted with an old woman who runs a bakery across the street from the little hotel where I am staying in Pedasi and who just happens to speak a bit of English. I mentioned to her that I am looking for some Pacific Coast property to invest in and in moments she was on the telephone, inviting a friend over to talk to me about land investments. Shortly after, he arrived. She translated for us. Tomorrow, Eduardo will show me at least three properties he knows of in the area. It should be interesting because neither of us will have a clue what the other is saying.

I wonder what the national bird of Panama is. Let’s look it up. Hmmm, "Aguila Arpa" (Harpy Eagle). Interesting. I thought it might be the Black Vulture, because there are so many of them in Panama. They are everywhere. Why? Road pizza. There is carrion galore. Dogs, cats, animals unknown and sometimes garbage. The birds aren’t fussy.

There are many dogs in Panama and they all seem to run around loose. I think that a few years ago, one male toured the country and had girlfriends everywhere, because nearly all the dogs I’ve seen look much alike.

The drive to here from Panama City was fun. Lots of little towns, and beautiful scenery. I stopped numerous times to stretch my legs and look around. Every thing is cheap. I went into a little grocery store, bought a banana, a pint of orange juice, a bottle of Panamanian beer and a package of 20 or so cookies. Cost: $1.15. I love bargains.

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