Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In an Internet Cafe

We are in Williams, Arizona. Hotels here appear to be a bit behind with the whole internet thing, so I am posting this from an internet cafe. We booked into a Howard Johnson hotel yesterday, after being assured by the desk clerk that they had internet access, specifically by way of a 'data portal,' which I took to mean a cable or DSL hookup. Nope. What she meant was that there was an extra telephone plug in the wall where I could plug in my laptop and then dial up my own internet service provider via my modem. In my case, that would be back in London Ontario.

Oh well. Other than little hitches like this, we are having a wonderful time and I will catch up on posting when I have high speed internet access again. Tomorrow, it's off to the Grand Canyon via a restored train from days past. Sounds like a hoot.


  1. Hi Sieg:

    I'm glad you and your family are having a great time.
    After reading your post about Tijuana and your son comments, my hope is that he will appreciate all that Canada has given to us and we take for granted. We are used to complain for anything and everything that doesn't met our needs without thinking if it may harm others. Too many people never have the opportunity to travel to countries where they can see poverty and necessity. Coming with my family to live here some years ago from one of those countries make us aware to appreciate and have the vision to live a better life, giving and taking the respect and privacy that each human been deserves.

  2. Wishing you happy travels with few travails

    Canada's doing fine, feel free stay longer down there if you want!


  3. Thanks, both. Still spotty internet in Sedona, Arizona. Will catch up soon, I hope, when I can get dependable internet service somewhere.