Friday, July 22, 2005

Where and When Am I?

I think today is Friday. I had no idea what day of the month it is until I checked the system date at the bottom of my laptop screen. What does that mean? I guess I must be relaxing a bit. I had intended to write more but by the time we 'crash' after a busy day, I am too zonked to do much beyond check my email and check to see what is happening in the world.

California is beautiful. Los Angeles is an insane place, busy, loud and expensive. We are staying in North Hollywood at the moment and it is a bit seedy. The hotel is nice, though, and there is a Mexican bakery across the street. I have loved Mexican baking since the first of three visits to Mexico over the years.

Today, we're deciding whether to backtrack a bit to the Simi Valley to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library or to go to the J. Paul Getty Museum which is a bit closer to where we are. We may decide to stay an extra day so we can do both.

I see that my son has just donned the SWAT T-shirt he bought yesterday, so I guess I better get ready for another vacation adventure today. I think a topic of discussion between us today might be the powers of a police state and how they can be abused so very easily. The thought of masked and anonymous policeman crashing through the doors of innocent people scares me. It is happening more often than it should. The very philosophy of the SWAT approach is to strike fear and terror into its human targets. I don't like anonymous and faceless attackers. Do you?


  1. I've just read several emails from my British cousins in London, England. Your comment about "faceless attackers" really struck a chord.
    My cousins claim they suffered the same and worse under the past I.R.A.bombings, but I'm not sure how much longer that stiff British upperlip will keep them safe.
    I pray to the God of all people to help us understand the current nightmare over the pond.
    Thanks for the updates on your blog. Your adventure sounds wonnnnerful.

  2. Thanks, EMW. There is much misery in the world, much injustice, much suffering. The cause of most of it all? Human stupidity and ignorance.

    I wish it were otherwise.