Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Whose Greed?

Thomas Sowell is right on the money, as usual, in his latest column. Although his article is about Liberal Attitudes, a fairly broad subject, the following comments taken from the article fit right in with my recent posts on taxation:

"Liberals may denounce "greed," for example, but in practice it all depends on whose greed. Nothing the government does is ever likely to be called "greed" by liberals.

"Even when the government confiscated more than half the income of some people in taxes, that was not greed, as far as the left was concerned. Nor is it greed in their eyes when local politicians across the country bulldoze whole working class neighborhoods, destroying homes that people spent a lifetime sacrificing to buy, and paying them less than the market value of those homes through legal chicanery."

Is there any wonder why I love this guy? Look him up. While you're at it, Walter E. Williams makes a good read too.

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