Thursday, March 10, 2005

Whacko Jacko - Predator or Prey?

He gives me the willies. He is creepiness personified. He is mixed up, confused, out of touch with reality. He is one strange dude.

But is he guilty of being a sexual predator?

Michael Jackson had it all. Now, according to news reports, he is $350 million in debt, can't borrow any more money, and his Neverland ranch and all his assets (notably the Beatles song catalogue) are at risk.

He is irresponsible with money and lives beyond his considerable means. But is he guilty of the charges for which he is standing trial?

I don't know. I have seen far too many opportunists in my life, people who will lie, steal, cheat, sell their souls, to make a few 'easy' bucks. Many people are jealous and resentful of the rich and famous. Often, the truth is the last thing they worry about when they make their accusations.

I don't know. Jackson is a creep. His accusers seem pretty damn creepy too, but that doesn't mean that they are necessarily lying. Let's wait and see what comes of this media circus, conducted at enormous taxpayer expense, with six full months allocated for trial.


  1. If he did he must fry. As for the Beatles catalog, losing it and it going back to its creators (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr) would be for the best.

  2. Sexual (or any) abuse of children makes me crazy. Kids are vulnerable and largely defenseless against these miscreants. No punishment is too harsh for a child-abuser IF he or she is truly guilty.