Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Tip of the Hat

My buddy William Johnson recounts another adventure from his youth, oh soooo long ago at his NOOZOON blog. I like to read Bill's meanderings and I like his spirit. The guy never stops. He writes poetry, haiku, and novels. He paints. He ponders the complexities of life and solves the world's problems. This all at a time in his life when most people would be glued to the boob tube or worse. Go Bill!

The talented and very kind folks at The London Fog blog mention this humble effort of mine (my family would fall over laughing at the notion that I would ever use the word 'humble' in a sentence about myself) and I thank them for that. Each of the four Londoners (that's London, Ontario) -- Basil, MapMaster, Lisa and Mike, who share the duties of keeping us informed (and agitated, when appropriate) about London and the larger world around us, write well and make us think. I visit their blog daily. And MapMaster even called me a gentleman! It's nice to know there are people like this right here at home. Check them out and say hello.

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  1. Again oh "humble" master, I have to submit this comment anonymously because Blogger Inc. still will not remember me. I'm glad you are still taking the time to view my episodes about getting from there to here. Your generous comments make me feel I should demand that my care givers do more than take me for weekend rides in the park. Thanks again. I hear them coming and I don't want them to know I have discovered the on/off switch on this strange TV set.Thanks again you old "Atavist"