Monday, December 13, 2004

May I, Huh?

I learned something about eleven years ago. I carry the lesson with me still.

Here is what happened. On the day in question, I was very frustrated. That condidition is one with which I am quite intimate. My wife might claim (but don't listen to her) that the relationship is both perpetual and contagious to bystanders. But I digress. What I was frustrated about on this occasion was that for the umpteenth time, as I had tried to sit down on the floor beside my son as he watched cartoons on TV, he moved away from me. If I moved closer, he moved away approximately the same distance. This behaviour had been going on for weeks.

I was hurt. I was still very new to the Daddy business and I loved my son. He was old enough to crawl around on the floor but wasn't speaking yet, so he didn't actually tell me to get lost. Still, I got the message. Clearly, he didn't want me around. Why not?

On this particular day, I don't know why, I said to my son, "Zachary, is it okay if I sit beside you?"

Guess what happened. Yep, he looked at me with a little smirk, moved his left arm from its defensive position, and let me sit down beside him. Now, both content, we watched a Pingu cartoon on television together.

Even a little kid wants to be consulted.

Let's not take kids for granted. That goes for spouses too. And friends, lovers, neighbours... oh, let's just make a point of being considerate of everyone.

Asking permission is always a good idea.

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  1. What a great point your story makes! In my opinion, lack of consideration for others is one of the biggest problems these days.

    It IS nice to be consulted. No matter what your age!