Thursday, November 25, 2004


We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on October 11th this year. Since I didn't write anything particularly thankful on that day, I just might do so today, on the occasion of Thanksgiving in the United States. But before I do...

I have been asked why many of my posts to this blog are as personal as they are. It is a good question. I think it is because I like to think of everything that goes on around me in terms of how it does (or might) affect me or my family. As a child, I spent a lot of time sitting on uncomfortable church pews. One of the few things I enjoyed while there was hearing the preacher relate various of Jesus' parables. The parables gave both example and context to the underlying moral message.

I am no Jesus. Still, I do like to make points that are worth making, by discussing them in the wrapper of my own life's experiences.

My writing may be personal, yes. But one thing you will never see is where I betray a confidence or do the equivalent of 'kiss and tell.' Circumspection and discretion are alive and well here on my blog.

Now, on to Thanksgiving.

What am I grateful for, personally?

I am grateful for my wife and my son. They put up with my bizarre sense of humour, my guitar playing at stadium decible levels, my forgetfulness, and much more. They challenge me, entertain me, love me.

I am grateful for my employees. I have a great bunch of people who really put their heart into their work and who deserve my respect and trust. They run my businesses, allow me to concentrate on things I enjoy, make me proud. They are my friends.

I am grateful that politically and economically, things in Canada and the United States are not as bad as they are likely to get sometime relatively soon. That gives us all a bit more time to prepare, to save money, pay off debt, to enjoy the freedoms we have left. Our children may not be as fortunate as we.

I am grateful for my parents who, while they were alive, made every attempt to show by example, how to accept responsibility and act honourably.

Life is good.

Pass the turkey.

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