Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Examining Bigotry

In our politically correct world, the term 'bigot' means... what? How do you define the word? Ask the guy or gal at the next desk to define it for you. Does your definition mesh with his or hers?

I suspect that nearly everyone will define 'bigot' as someone who is intolerant of:
  • anyone of another race, especially blacks
  • women
  • homosexuals
  • any religion except Christianity.
This is a weird world we live in. I know a lot of people. I know of not a single person (personally) who is intolerant of blacks or other racial minorities, of women or of homosexuals. Yet a number of these very same people are intolerant of Christians. Hindus are OK. Buddhists are OK. Muslims are OK. Atheists are more than OK. Christians are not OK.


I am not religious, although I was raised in a very religious, protestant home. Most of my friends were raised in similar environments. We were taught to be fair, honest, hard-working, independent, responsible, and tolerant. I wrote a longer piece about all this which can be found on my personal website. It is called Why Not Feed Them to the Lions? and addresses, among other things, what I consider to be increasing persecution of Christians, including in North America.

Someone read that article of mine and sent an anonymous comment to me which said: "If only we could feed the christians (sic) to the lions again. The world would be a better place."

Sure it would. That's a sarcastic retort from me, just in case you're not sure.

Which of the two-hundred-and-some nations on earth are the best places in which to live? Which are the freest, the most prosperous, the ones in which you can speak your mind without being hauled off to jail or behind the shed to be shot? What do they have in common? Well, religious tolerance and a very strong Christian influence, for a start.

And to the person who sent me that comment, too cowardly to attach his or her name, let me give you some loving advice: Do you want to be free to say what you wish, even if you had the courage to identify yourself? Do you want to live in a country where you can choose any career or start any business you wish? Do you want to live somewhere where you can spend your time as you wish, even if the time is spent spouting nonsense and spreading hatred?

If you want any of these things, live in a country with Judaeo-Christian values.

While you're thinking about what it is that you really want, read a book. Read some history. If you are a recent university graduate, I'm not at all surprised at your point of view. Do some reading on your own, not from reading lists supplied by your leftist professors. Speak with some people who have been around for a while, especially those who have lived in places where freedom isn't cherished (at least for the moment) the way it is here in North America. Many of you are, as I am, children of immigrants. Ask the parents or grand-parents who lived in Eastern Europe, in the old U.S.S.R., in many African countries and just about anywhere in the Middle East why they are here in North America. Then, ask them when they will be returning to their homeland. Oh. They're not returning? Why not?

Are you done with your research? Write to me again. This time, identify yourself. Then we'll see if we can have a reasonable discussion and try to learn from each other. You see, I am willing to listen. I was, after all, taught tolerance in a Christian home.

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