Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'm Back. And I'm Lonely.

Well, that was fun. We used a campground near Cardinal, Ontario, as a base and took a number of day trips from there. We never did make it to Montreal, but did go to Ottawa one day.

The holiday was mostly a success. Except for the one day during which we got nearly four inches of rain in an 18-hour period. That is a lot of rain! And then on the day before we were supposed to head home, there were severe thunderstorm and possible tornado warnings forecast for the next day. So we left a day early. We're chickens at heart. Or maybe we're just sensible.

One of the things I did with the extra day I suddenly had to spend at home was to catch up on the news. I needn't have bothered. More of the same crap. The world hadn't changed much in the week I was gone. And here I had hoped that there might have been a breakout of sanity and goodwill in the world while I was vacationing. Then I would have nothing to rant about on my return. It's a sacrifice that I would willingly make.

No such luck. After digesting the news, I turned to the Vox Day blog. I get a kick out of reading his stuff and almost as much of a buzz out of the reader comments on his postings. They liven things up. Some comments are thoughtful. Some are puzzling. Most are entertaining.

Maybe that's why I feel lonely. I know an occasional reader chances on this blog o' mine and I wish that occasionally someone would say hello. Just to make me feel better. Take pity on an old, iracsible, curmudgeon. An atavist.

Or you could do the equivalent of 'yelling' at me. Deride my views, my heritage, my very existance. Nah, that might be dangerous. I would have to resond with both verbal barrels blazing and there might be carnage. Or, maybe, I would be so grateful that I would just ignore any malice in the responses and just bask in the attention.


It's good to be back.


  1. I wonder how you would survive been held in isolation, hanging by your ankles, being kept alive by swill turned down by third world nations, because it is provided by the wrong religion. You just have to admit, that the comments which pass between us, are better than silence, which passes as thought by non-participants. I'm glad you are back, and I hope you have had the chance to read the complete text of the 9/11 conspiracy treatise done by the CBC Fifth Estate...Noozoon

  2. I have indeed read the 9/11 conspiracy treatise done by the CBC Fifth Estate. Very interesting. Without commenting on every single claim and accusation, let me agree that neither George W. Bush nor the Republicans are perfect. They are as corrupt as, but can scarcely be worse than, the Democrats.

    The real issue is: Who can be trusted to run the United States, the world's most powerful country, during these trying and uncertain times? Given that we will not likely see a Libertarian government in my lifetime, is there a real choice among: Tweedledum (Bush,) Tweedledee (Kerry,) or, I suppose, Tweedledumber (Nader,) or are they all basically the same?

    And... let's not forget that anything coming from the very left wing CBC is always suspect. Even if all the facts are correct, they can always be presented in a way to slant perceptions. Ever heard of Michael Moore?

  3. Congratulations. You are the first person to post a response on my blog!

    I just thought I would say, "HI!!!"

  4. Hi, Jason. I'm going to write a post on our health care system per your suggestion on your blog and let you know on when it will appear. Thanks for dropping by!