Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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I have today included two links, in the sidebar at the right of this page, for FREE software that might be of interest. All free downloads are produced by my company. There is no catch, no obligation. Just enjoy. Actually, 'enjoy' might not be an appropriate word for the software at the second link provided. It is described below. Read on...

The link is for several free e-books produced by my company, using our proprietary multimedia authoring software.

The Doomsday Clock
is a computer program that can be used to track the overall federal debt of any country and to show the debt per taxpayer and the debt per capita. It provides a visually dramatic portrayal of the national debt as it increases second by second and the debt per taxpayer and per capita as they climb in concert.

You will need to update several fields with current population and deficit numbers for your target country, information likely available at numerous places on the internet. Watch the numbers as they increase second by second. You will be thrilled to see what your children will face as their share of the national debt when they grow up. Or, it will get you off your bum and working to lobby politicians to reduce wasteful government spending.

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