Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Sales Pitch for Roca Milagro

Retirement in Panama:
Is it for you?

Yes, I think it is for you and I'll tell you why.

World economies are crashing around us, just as many of us are reaching retirement age. With our investments decimated and with the prospect of living on a lower fixed income after retirement, how will we be able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle? Have we been working hard all of our lives in expectation of a comfortable and enjoyable retirement just to discover that it has all been a dream and nothing more?

For some of us, the question is even more critical: How will we be able to pay the bills? Will we be able to retire at all? Will we have to seek some menial employment just to pay the bills? And now, with jobs disappearing everywhere, will we be able to work anywhere at all, even flipping hamburgers or pumping gas?

Maybe. Or maybe not. Even menial jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate.

What if there were a place where we could live economically and not have to worry about making ends meet? What if this place was safe, stable, affordable and beautiful? And what if it was warm year-round and you would never have to worry about paying a heating bill again? What if you could build a beautiful home for a fraction of what it would cost where you live? And what if property taxes were very low, or if you build a new home were forgiven completely by the Panamanian government for 15 - 20 years?

What if there were already many Canadians, Americans and Europeans living there?

Where is this magical place? It's the Republic of Panama.

Panama is a beautiful country. Google 'Panama' and you will find hundreds of pages of information on Panama and everything in it. Google 'pensionado Panama' and read about all the wonderful benefits that come with the pensionado program. No matter where you live in Panama, there will be advantages galore. But we want you to live with us and that is the point of this letter to you.

And who are we? We are a group of Canadian, American and Panamanian investors. We are developing a beautiful community in the mountains of Panama, near Boquete, David and the Costa Rican border. All of our partners own building lots in the development and we would like you to join us as our neighbours. Our development is called Roca Milagro.

You can check out our beautiful development and read all about us at our website and and I will give you its link in a just a moment. First, I just want to add that we are now selling building lots at low introductory prices and they are going fast. When infrastructure is complete, prices will go up dramatically. The time to act is now.

Before you go on to the website, please sign up for our email update list by clicking the graphic at the bottom of this post. No-one will call or annoy you. Your email address will not be sold to anyone else. You will simply be put on our own email list from which you will get periodic updates about Roca Milagro. That's it. If you ever wish to stop getting our updates, send us an email and they will stop. We are not pushy people and respect your right to privacy.

And, one more thing . . . we are real people. We will be living at Roca Milagro with you. We have invested our own money. We don't owe anything to anyone. There are no banks holding mortgages on our land and on our future. Why are we telling you this? Because we feel it is important to stand apart from some unscrupulous developers out there who once they have your money forget all about you.

Come on . . . join us. We look forward to sharing our first drink with you at Roca Milagro. Will that be on your patio or mine?

Thanks for checking us out!

Roca Milagro Website

Sieg Pedde, President
Roca Milagro Residential Community
Rovira Arriba (near Boquete)
Republic of Panama


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