Friday, May 01, 2009

Let's get stoned.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

I never did get the hippie 'thing.' You know, "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out," or "Drop acid, not bombs." I always preferred to know what was going on around me and quite often to watch with bemusement while people used horticulture or chemistry to try to help them find meaning in an often baffling world.

So no, getting stoned never appealed to me. I do like stones, though. I even liked the early Rolling Stones. I like rocks too. And rock 'n roll music. And rock walls.

And there, dear reader, is finally the point of it all: rock walls. And rock planters. Along with the several kilometers of rock walls already there when we bought the property on which we are developing Roca Milagro, we are several adding kilometers more. Right now, we are building rock planters around the main gate at Roca Milagro. And then, many of our residents will build rock walls around their individual building lots. Rocks, rocks, everywhere.

And when we are all done building things with rocks at Roca Milagro, there will still be hundreds of thousands of rocks left over. I like them. They add character to the site and are just one of the things that attracted me to this property.

And so, my friends, I say: "Rock on!"


  1. So, are you planning on eventually moving there, or eventually having a winter home on-site?

  2. With a young son still in high school in Canada and with several Canadian business, moving to Panama permanently wouldn't make much sense for me personally. I will however have a house there to live in whenever I am in Panama and of course to spend winter months in. Not sure when I will start construction, though, probably not before 2010.