Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Home is where the heart is.

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"Home is where the heart is." Or is it: "Home is where the hearth is"? I guess either would make sense. So would: "Home is wherever I hang my hat."

Home is whatever you want it to be. We all have fantasies about where we would love to live and what our ideal lifestyle might be. Some of us have simple wishes. Others of us have aspirations that would shame Donald Trump or the late Aaron Spelling, both of whom known for their extravagant lifestyles.

I wonder what the story is about the home in the photograph above, taken a few kilometers outside of Boquete, Panama. The place is abandoned or perhaps had never been completed in the first place. The setting is beautiful, the home looks like it might have been a beautiful place to live. It was once someone's dream, now it is more likely someone's nightmare.

My personal dreams are simpler. I don't need a huge house. I want a comfortable home. I want it to be clean and orderly. I want enough room for a few guitars and other musical paraphernalia, some good books, and a few comfortable places to sit. Besides that, the atmosphere and the company are what really count.

I have a number of building lots at Roca Milagro. I want to build a nice, comfortable home on one of them to stay in whenever I am in Panama. It won't likely be the largest home in the community or the one with the most 'presence.' But it will be mine and I will enjoy it. I hope there will be friends and neighbours around with whom I can discuss philosphy and politics and religion and the general human trend towards self-destruction. Maybe there will be someone with whom I can 'jam,' playing (as my Canadian jam-partner puts it) music that is older than we are.

I am looking forward to getting a horse and to riding in and around our development. Maybe there will be other riders in the community who will join me. Sunshine, fresh air, beautiful scenery -- what more could one possibly want?

One thing for sure: My home will need one of these:

I think home is where the Gitane is.


  1. Look on the bright side:
    Even in it's dilapidated condition, that crib looks a lot better than a trailer with a lawn chair, tied-up pit-bull and all-beat-to-hell Dodge pick-up truck parked out front!

  2. You paint quite an image there, Ted.

    I love those Gitane guitars, Luckyzmom; they are fun to play and are used most often in the gypsy jazz genre.